Kitchen Design Practicality


Function: Our furniture uses only the highest grade of materials and process available and can craft bespoke sizes to suit any requirement. We combine the highest levels of kitchen design and specification of internal fittings and technologies available to be integrated within all cabinets. Our furniture uses the latest ‘Push to Open” technologies integrated within the cabinets which allows for minimal design aesthetic. All cabinets are quality rigid construction and finished in a range of beautiful coordinated finishes.  

- PTO system/ handle-free system for opening doors/ drawers/ appliances 
- Soft Close/ all opening doors/ drawers incorporated with ‘Soft Close’ technology 
- Storage Solutions/ high quality fittings/ available in many finishes
- Bespoke sizes/ all cabinets/ doors/ drawers availaible as bespoke sizes 
- Worktops/ unlimited materials/ finishes 
- Furniture/ bespoke furniture available/ material matched