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Italian residence combines traditional stonework with contemporary details

AP House is situated on top of one of the highest hills in the area around the ancient walled city of Urbino, in the foothills of the Northern Apennines, The site was once occupied by a rural hamlet dating back to Medieval times. Rimini-based GGA Architects arranged the new buildings on top of the ancient remains and connected them by introducing a basement level buried in the hill. "The core of the houses, which form a single unit, reestablishes a central role to this site in the landscape," said the studio, "restoring a direct and empathic dialogue between new buildings and historical stratification."The parts of the property that are visible from the surroundings comprise a cluster of stone buildings with traditional tiled roofs. The vernacular-style buildings are given a contemporary quality by their proportions and minimal articulation, with simple fenestration and no visible gutters or drainpipes. "The structures are offered to the landscape as pure, discreet and silent artefacts, recovering their identity and affinity with the rural cultural matrix of the place," added GGA Architects. From Dezeen: Read More