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Lovely, Dark, and Deep: An 1800s Victorian House in Nebraska, Restored Down to the Doorknobs

This autumn I’ve been taken by the truly old-world interiors by Brooklyn-based firm Ridge House: Their projects are what I imagine spaces might have looked like a century and a half back, not with a kitchen but with a scullery, where the inhabitants would carry a candle to bed—and perhaps have a brass bed warmer to heat the covers before getting in. And fittingly enough, on the shortest day of the year, we’re taking a look at their dark-hued Cameron Residence project, a late Victorian, Queen Anne-style house in Omaha, Nebraska, that dates to 1895. “Ridge House projects are largely inspired by context, meant to tell the story of a given site,” says architect and designer Lauren Lochry, who, with Jeff Gillway, is co-principal of Ridge House. “For this house, the neo-Gothic architectural language leant a dramatic atmosphere—and a romanticism of when the interior was once shadowy light, before electricity.”
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