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Markt 16 | Baeten Hylebos Architecten

The unique view of the old post office building, the green city park and the many docked boats on the quay of the Durme motivated the clients to take the courageous step to exchange their large villa in the green outskirts for a new home in the heart of the bustling city. The floor plan of the existing apartment (88m2) was formed by a series of blindly connected rooms. A large entrance hall wasted precious space and the enclosed kitchen split the beautiful view into two. The discovery of a hidden concrete skeleton provided an endless amount of design options and made it possible to project a new contemporary and highly functional plan on top of the existing beams and columns structure. The absence of structural walls allowed us to add oxygen and light to the existing stifling plan. A new floor plan introduces three new volumes placed within the orthogonal system of beams and columns. These volumes do not have the ambition to mask the structural elements. From Archello: Read More