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Plantea transforms defunct erotic cinema into contemporary art-nouveau theatre

Interior design studio Plantea looked to art nouveau and retro Americana for the interiors of this multi-purpose theatre in Madrid, which was formerly an adult-film cinema. The Duque de Alba erotic theatre, which shut its doors in 2015, is now a multi-purpose entertainment space named Sala Equis, which translates as Room X. Madrid-based Plantea retained the traditional idea of the cinema with its design, while also making the space flexible enough to host other activities too. While the renovated building still features several film screening rooms, the main gallery space has been redesigned as an "urban plaza", offering live music performances, talks and exhibitions, as well as serving food and drinks. The designers said they wanted to create the feeling that visitors were in a place "where things happen spontaneously". The main courtyard-like space of the theatre is flooded with light during the day thanks to a large glass skylight stretched across the ceiling, creating an open-air feel to the interior. This 30 square metre area of glass ceiling includes a sunshade to dim the light that floods in during the day, but it is kept open at night so that visitors can see the stars. From Dezeen: Read More