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Silo Apartment in Antwerp by Arjaan De Feyter

The base idea is to split the functions (bathroom, sleeping room, toilet, cloakroom,…) from the silo’s and to use the curved line from the circles as the ‘head of circulation’. By this, the ‘walkline’ gets accented in a subtle way, this without losing the spatial of the silo. In this case, the curved line leads to ‘somewhere’ to get a grip on the infinite character. Why living in a silo if you don’t respect the base form of a circle?  (we spent much attention on the details, to make the circle infinite, referring to the brass details in the floor seams, we locally lowered the passages. We designed 2 concept lines in function of all needs, that had to make connection with the other rooms (spaces), to make it a domicile instead of different rooms next to each other (see map). We kept on puzzling, abstracting, and trying to find the right balance between functionality, space and concept. We just kept on questioning ourselves. From Home World Design: Read More