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Studio Arthur Casas uses books to brighten "austere" law office in Brazil

Bookcases and partitions appear not to meet the ground at this chocolate-coloured workplace in São Paulo, by Studio Arthur Casas. Ha Office was designed for a law firm, which required an open-plan workspace and kitchen, plus private offices and meeting rooms. Studio Arthur Casas therefore retrofitted a unit in a tower that was originally designed for private residences, but had been stalled for over 30 years so repurposed. Due to company's small scale, the design team was able to reserve a large portion of the space for a library. The shelving units for the books are clad in dark brown wood, and constructed so they look as if they don't touch the floor. Lighting underneath accentuates this feature, which is also used on a seating nook close to the entrance. "Multiple elements are suspended here," said Casas, founder of the eponymous studio that has offices in São Paulo and New York City. The colourful book spines decorate the otherwise brown and beige material palette of the space, which was chosen by the client. Upon entering the office, a built-in seating area and the "floating" nook cut through the middle of a hallway. From Dezeen: Read More