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Trama Arquitetos designs concrete house above grove of cork trees

Portuguese architecture studio Trama Arquitetos has designed Cork Trees House, a concrete and Corten-steel clad home located on a slope above a grove of cork trees in Braga, Portugal. The single-level house was built on a plot of land set above the centuries-old trees and Trama Arquitetos aimed for its design to connect with this surrounding nature. "First of all, we had decided that the house should be at the same level as the treetops, creating harmony by the idea of a floating garden on the horizon," Trama Arquitetos co-founder Bruno Leitão told Dezeen. "In this context, we have designed a one-level architectural plan distinguished by a division between social and private areas," he continued. "The house was built following the restrictions of the land to preserve the cork trees and creating a view over this centenary little forest." From Dezeen: Read More